Sunday, May 31, 2015

Something Extraordinary

This week we were super excited to have 2 investigators at church.  Francisca and Betianna.  Betianna is a mother of 3 kids and lives with her husband and absolutely loved church.  The week we talked a lot about baptism with Francisca, but she is scared because she has family whom are Catholic and can't quite seem to take that step of changing her religion.  As we were teaching, I realized that she has been taught by many missionaries but didn't quite understand the Priesthood.  So we threw everything down, grabbed my Bible and taught the restoration.   I've come to a great appreciation of Lesson 1 and the importance of it.  That it is another key to understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She now understands and is accepting that her first baptism isn't valid and is continuing to pray to receive an answer.  This week, Hermana Parreno passed out a 7 question survey to use when people don't want to hear or have interest.  And it turned out to be "Un idea genial!" We were surprised by references and people dove deep into the conversation and later became interested.  Yesterday, we found a chico who was 25 years old and wasn't interest in the gospel at all, but was learning to speak English.  So we did the survey to him in English and now we have an appointment with him this week and encouraged him to practice reading the Book of Mormon in English and he's all up for it!!  Also, good news to Mestor, who we have been working with to quit smoking.  He smoked 20 cigarettes a day and is down to only one!  In no time, he will be a smoke-free man!  Also yesterday, we had a really BIG miracle...we were working in "Pauhue" an area where missionaries weren't having any success for about 10 years.   We were knocking and after a lot of diligence as well as patience, a family let us in!!!  A family of 4 parents and 2 kids.  We got talking for about 5 minutes and then their grandparents showed up and another 5 min an amigo.  We all started talking about the gospel and so we got talking to just about the whole family.  In the meantime, my comp starts to hit me and point at something, but I was in the middle of talking and then hits me again and I looked....finally I realized the grandpa was making dinner and had a big, giant skinned PIG on the table!  Here he is sprinkling seasoning on it, like not big deal.  The family started dying laughing at our reaction because it wasn't something normal for us "Americans".  My comp and I then got up to look at it a little closer and he takes its 2 legs and flips it over, slaps it down and all there was were its "insides".  Ha :) My comp told me she had watched the "whole" t hing from when he brought it in, started hammering the poor thing, ripped its legs apart, and then its jaw.  As if fell open, one of the arms was hanging off the table and the littlest girl comes over to "hand fist bump it".  Not to mention the little boy who started to pet it.  "Anything far beyond normal in my eyes"  Ha...but the best part was leaving this family with a message and a return appointment on Saturday.

This week we also had divisions and I just have to say, I just had an awesome time with the other Hermana.  She has lots of potential and a role model in my eyes.  President asked to help her get plans to help focus more on studies.  So we worked together on getting her plan organized and different ways to help her with her idioma.  She left the Falda after 3 days with huge smile and in no time, will be 100% perfect Spanish speaker!  With her diligence, but more important of all is having the spirit direct and guide you though it all.

Also, time is just flying and transfers are this week.  I hope you all will  help me by praying that I will stay here for a 5th transfer :) Ha, I just LOVE the area, but I will also be happy for whatever the Lord has in store.

He has a motor so he doesn't have to pedal!!

Homework:  Read "Pescadores de Hombres",  Elder Scott D. Whiting, Liahono, June 2015

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