Monday, June 8, 2015

A Wide and Extensive Sphere of Action

The prayers have been answered.....I'm in The Falda!! and I'm with my hija :) I couldn't believe it!  (5 transfers) in ONE area!  I couldn't keep the excitement in.  Not to mention Hermana Martin came running down the hall at church to give us a great big hug when she heard the news :).  I think I know just about everyone that passes down the street and every house and who olives in it, including their dog@  But, "no importa", God has a plan and He's got work for me here.  My comp and I are also going to work a lot in "Pauhue", this transfer to get it started and going, and I'm super pumped because we've had a ton of success this week.  Domingo, we had an investigator named Eduardo, and we've been working with him for a while and finally dragged him to church.  Guess what?....He loved it!  Nestor, whom we are still currently with has become a missionary and inviting people to church and sharing his experiences he's had while meeting the missionaries.  :)  Also, Andres the chico from Pauhue left for vacation and told his mom that, "when the hermanas come, tell them I took the Book of Mormon with me and that I'm reading it".  I can't wait to start teaching him and his family again when he returns.

We've just had so many wonderful experiences here in the Falda and I'm excited to work hard this next transfer with ALL my heart.  I'm super excited and blessed for the opportunities God has placed in our path thus far in the Falda and hope to fulfill His duties.

Exodus 19:5

I also just have to mention how much I just LOVE my mission President and his wife and how close I have become to them.  They have seriously become "my parents".  The other day, my companion and I left to ask President a question to a project he has me working on and as we came in the house, Hermana Parreno was making dinner for a reunion and she looks at both my comp and I and says, ..."can you do me a HUGE favor and cut these onions for me?....I just did my make-up and I don't want to cry and get it all messed up."  So here is my comp and I and President cutting onions as she is cooking them on the stove.  As I was busy cutting onions and talking, I hear hermana Parreno asking, "Your not crying?"  "I'm dying over here!"....The thing was, I couldn't even smell the onion.  It didn't even phase the three of us.  Well, then she hands everything over to President and leaves the room and comes back and I suddenly turn around and see.....two thick, black streaks of mascara running down her cheeks!  I suddenly looked at President and he just shakes his head and asks acts like it didn't even phase him.  Ha, as my comp just stands there laughing! :)  It's always a good laugh at the house of the Parrenos.  It's been such a privilege to have them as our Presidents and I can't imagine any other person in their place.  They have such strong testimonies and they know their purpose as a President and have done wonders to this mission and to their missionaries.  I will never forget what they have done for me and having them be role models in my eyes.  This next month we are receiving new mission Presidents as the Parrenos will be going back to Espana.  I'm super sad to be saying goodbye, but keeping my head up and looking forward to meeting the new Presidents.  The Lord has some wonderful plans in store and I'm looking forward to having lunch with them every week. :) Jaja

Homework:  Share or watch the video, "The Restoration" with someone and share your testimony of Joseph Smith and what the gospel has done for you in your life.

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