Monday, June 15, 2015

Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor

Que Semana!  So on Wednesday, my comp and I were tracting and as we started knocking on a door, three dogs come running out.  One barking from behind and two behind the gate in the front.  The littlest dog squeezes itself through and now is barking on the side and here I am paying attention to the big dog behind the gate because they can definitely fit their heads out of the gate a pretty good distance and get you if you are not careful....But as I made the mistake of paying attention to the wrong dog....!  I scream.... OUCH!....It bit me!  That little dog that squeezed itself through the fence took a good chomp at my lef...!  Well, the owner poked his head out for a good 2 seconds and says, "shhh" and walks back in.  Se we finally made i out of there with a fast escape and I realized it's the little ones you gotta look out for.

Little dog bit my leg!

Proof that I walk A LOT!!

This week we also found a reference of someone who is from the states who moved here about a year ago.  When we knocked on his door, he found out we were Americans and came running to the door....He was super glad to be speaking a language he actually knew.  Haha As we left, I pulled out my hand and he says, "Okay, the good American handshake, I like that, because here everyone just gives you a kiss on the cheek."  We also found an awesome family of 5 their dad, grandpa and 3 kids...The first day we taught them, the kids were "everywhere" and I mean EVERYWHERE.  I wondered, how do we get them all to listen?  So I said  quick prayer in my head and we ended up teaching the grandpa and the dad and a miracle happened.  All the kids got quiet and came to the closing prayer.  I thought, Oh, No, but as we taught the kids to fold their arms and close their eyes, by the time I finished saying amen.....I opened my eyes and here they were with their eyes closed and folded arms :)  What an experience.  We were super excited to be working more with the family and bring them to church!  

This week, we had a lot of success in finding new people but a lot of our investigators were sick or out of town.  I learned something super big this week....Yesterday, we we were getting ready to go search for our investigators and bring them to church, I was super excited because so many had said they were coming and as we left and knocked, called and continued to search, we ended up walking to the church by ourselves and I was so sad....As we continued to walk, I thought maybe there will be a ton of people at church.  As we got closer there weren't any cars....not ONE car next to the church and my heart dropped.   As we walked through the doors, I looked in and in total, there were 7 members.  But to our surprise, God had answered a prayer and Francisca an investigator we have been working with was sitting down with her hymn book ready for Sacrament meeting.  As we sat down, my heart filled up but was scared and worried because no one was at church.  And especially Francisca realizing it as well and I thought maybe people are sick or out of town....making up any excuse I could think of until I realized, I just need to make this Sacrament the best.  I asked God for peace and He gave me peace, but more than that, He gave us the spirit as it was time to bare testimonies.  There was a lot of silence, but when there was silence, that's when I could hear the spirit the most.  I realized that just about everyone got up to bare their testimony.  Francisca whispered in my ear, "only member can give their testimonies?"  And I said, "No Hermana" as she sat there a little longer I said, "God wants to hear your testimony", and she looked at me and said, "You really think so?"  I said, "I would love to hear it as well, don't be nervous", and she says back, "I'm nervous and I'm going to start crying."  About 2 minutes later, Francisca got the faith and stood up and bore a wonderful, powerful testimony.  As she sat back down, tears flowed through her eyes.  After another 10 minutes past of pure silence, I whispered, "I like to think about God and everything He's given me during this time.  The spirit is very strong in the room today."  As she agreed, I sat there and thought about a hymn, "I Know That My Savior Lives", I tried searching for it and I looked at Francisca.  She already had it opened, "Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor"  And she looked at me and she said, "I know , I was thinking about it too!"  As sacrament ended, to our surprise, we sang for the closing hymn, "Yo se que vive mi Senor".

This was a Sunday I will never forget.  One thing I learned most from this experience was that it doesn't matter about my wants and desires to have a ton of people at church....worrying and trying to wish for something better.  God knows what is best in His own time.  No importa that there were 10 people at church.  Make every moment your best, make something good out of it by changing your thought to God's thought and actions - don't be preoccupied!  I know that this is God's church, I know that He lives, that He loves us and we are His sons and daughters.  He is here.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Job 19:25
25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

Homework:  This week, focus on the positive of every challenge that come your way. :)

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