Sunday, April 12, 2015

What - e-er thou art, act well thy part...

Bueno, where to even begin this week's adventure! First I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and got the opportunity to watch General Conference.  The perfect timing to remember our Savior that He lives, His resurrection, and His perfect love for us. What a wonderful opportunity it is for us to have a prophet and 12 apostles whom have revelation from God to help and guide us today.

Second, I was given and HUGE homework assignment. During lunch with President and his wife, we got on the topic of health and elaborated on budgeting and I mentioned to him mine; and he flat out asked me to prepare a presentation on a nutrition/budget plan to help missionaries better handle their money.  I had one week to put it all together before the leader's conference and I ended up finishing it one day before with surveys and examples, etc.  As I presented it to President and his wife, he said, "Muy Bien, JaJa", (Very Good), it's just what I was looking for!"  And his wife said in ENGLISH, "I have a surprise for you because your homework is so good!"  The next thing I knew she was running up the stairs with cookies and a huge High-Five!  That next day, I had one hour to type it all up on the computer in the office and the next thing I knew, the assistants were calling my name - "President is waiting for you!"  As I entered the room, I think there were 100 or so Elders and my heart dropped to the floor.  The next thing I remember was the butterflies were gone and I was left speaking in Spanish for about 1 hour.  Everyone had loved it and later it was spread to all the mission.  It's been such a great experience to help President and use many things I learned in school and my whole life experience.  I never thought I would have done this here in the mission!

Third:  My companion Hermana Child is just fantastic and her Spanish is on a roll....We've really gotton to love the Falda and our companionship.  We've found so many milagros (miracles) and we're excited for more to come.  Husto! This week, I came down with a super high fever for three days as General Conference was two days in advance.  There was no way we could have just given up, so I kept hold of the scripture in 1 Corinthians 12:7:

"Beareth all things, believeth all things, hope all things, and endure all things."

with much faith in the Lord, it was possible to do what we needed to do and with many prayers my health will be getting better in no time.

This week, my companion and I found and raught families in complete!  The lessons turned out great and the spirit was very strong.  "Macarena", one of our investigators, we shared with her the new video, "Gracias a que El vive" and later she mentioned that she leaves her house early every morning before work to sit in front of the chapel to think because she thinks it's so pretty!  We also ran into a lady waiting for the colectivo (bus) and she told us she is a member but it's hard because she has to work on Sundays.   Well, we asked to see if she has family living with her and she said, "Si" and mentioned that her kids aren't members but would love to hear the lessons!  What miracles!

Homework:  Watch "Gracias A Que El Vive"

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