Thursday, June 12, 2014

MTC Week 6-9-14

Title: Life At The MTC 

"What were you thinking that very first day? 
When you walked through the doors, what did they say? 
Did they warn you to leave, before it's too late? 
Did you know that here you can't even date? 
Were you told you'd study ten hours a day? 
And the missionaries lose their sanity that way? 
Did they say it's compared to jail? 
And that six discussions was minimum bail?

Or did you talk to those who love it here, 
Who hold the experience as one most dear? 
They'll speak of the Spirit, not of the strife.
The wonderful people and the change in their life.
They won't grump or gripe for the loss of hair, 
but with tear-filled eyes tell of those who cared. 
Take courage Sister, and do your best. 
The sky's the limit; don't settle for less. 
Because at the end, my friend, you'll see, 
The M.T.C. is what you made it to be!"

On May 21@ 12:25 crammed in the back seat of Grandma Openshaw's suburban, as we pulled up into the MTC Provo), It finally hit me. My heat sank, feeling uneasy I thought, "What did I get myself into?," "What was I thinking?," "Once I go in, I'm never coming back out!" So many thoughts going through my head, I couldn't think, and I felt so lost. 

As I kept moving forward not knowing where it would take me, I found myself surrounded by friends, brothers, Elders, and Sisters. The next think I knew, I had my very own missionary tag on, it read, "Hermana Chesler, La Iglesia de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias." This is where I belong. 

Life @ the MTC(West) has been the craziest three weeks of my ENTIRE life! I've never learned so much in such little time. It's like being in College, but 4 years all crammed into 5 1/2 weeks! Literally! It has been a life changing experience, the Spirit resonates in every corner, and so many hard working missionaries striving to fulfill God's purpose. 

Out on the West side of the MTC....aka the cool side. We all speak Spanish and are going to Spanish speaking missions. I have grown the biggest appreciation for the Spanish language, though it may be hard at times we are all here together learning from our mistakes and most importantly we are here for one purpose. To bring the gospel to all the earth. One of my favorites things thus far is to teach, but learning how to teach with the Spirit. 

The other day me and my companion got done with lunch early and decided to go study outside before our next class. As we sat down a girl about 20 years of age was talking to someone on the phone next to us. As she finished she took a double take and then inched her way over. I noticed she didn't have a missionary tag nor was she a teacher. As we got talking, she said she worked at the MTC cafeteria.  She had just moved here from Mexico and hardly knew any English. As we got to know her a little bit more she started asking questions about the Chruch. I had no idea she wasn't LDS!! It was the coolest experience to be able to have our first little teaching experience, even here at the MTC!  We continued to inch our way through the Spanish we knew with her. We still keep in contact with Mariana and we are so excited to follow up with her!!!! 

Since I have been at the MTC, I have grown a bigger appreciation/love for the scriptures. As I was reading in Acts Chapter 1-2 (I encourage all to read!!!!) Peter testifies of Jesus' resurrection and how to gain salvation: Peter lifted up his voice to testify to those who didn't know about the gospel. Not only did he share it with others he INTERNATIONALIZED the knowledge of Christ's gospel and understood its words. By doing so......3 thousand souls were saved. Let us all be Missionaries and understand the gospel and share it with others as Peter did. 

* FUNNY STORY OF THE DIA.........(DAY in Spanish)
As I was teaching an investigator I ended up making the mistake by saying, 

Jesús murió por nosotros para que podemos superar nuestros pescados.

Which in English is:
"Jesus died for us, so we can over come our fish"
Fish is pescados in Spanish
Sins is pecados in Spanish

Obviously, it's important to remember there isn't an "s" in the word for "sins"!!

HAHA! Ooops.... Still rusty on the Spanish. There are always days of ups and downs but just remember...."When you get discouraged you lose your faith" - PMG 

Yesterday, today, and everyday, I think about the people of Argentina, I know not who they are but I love them and I desire more than anything to bring them the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this Church to be true and I have felt the power of the holy ghost and its truthfulness. 

I invite all to read Joseph Smith History, in the Book of Mormon and fully understand the doctrine and truthfulness of the prophet Joseph Smith.

18 days until I'm ARGENTINE bound!!!!! Times a commin....

The District

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