Monday, September 21, 2015

Spiritual Apathy

What a crazy week!!!  First of all, my companion, poor thing was practically in bed with a bug for 4 days.  But thanks to many prayers and faith, she is now back on two legs working hard ;)  Glad to have her back!

Second...guess who came to visit us this week?....Elder Teixeira from the Seventy and his wife.  We had a mission conference with half of all the missionaries in Bahia Blanca and another in Mar del Plata.  Presidente Cifuentes and his wife also gave such wonderful talks as well.  It was fantastic!! 

Speaking of fantastic, church was so great yesterday, so many of the menos activo (less active) families we are teaching attended church as well as Sabastion who is doing great but struggling with addiction problems.  He full-heatedly believes that God will help him in the process and the He has a better plan for him.  I absolutely love his attitude and diligence as he acts upon his faith in God. 

Okay, so yesterday we finally were able to contact the family Romano that we found about two weeks ago and we met all 4 of her kids and their bright smiles.  Lucas, Mida, Annali, whom are all over the age of 10 and then the littlest, "the baby".  This time we got to know them a little bit better.  We played a "get to know you" game and it turned out to be so funny.  In the end, they were laughing so hard!  We also taught them a little more about "the family" and the spirit had definitely touched everyone of our hearts.  I'm in love with this family and am so grateful God put us in His path to share His gospel with them.  I'm so excited to watch them progress and continue to share this beautiful message with them.  Including we left with a plate full of cookies from Annali and then their dog followed us all the way home that night ;) haha.  

Okay, so I think we've got the area down....It's been a week since I last used our map.  I still meet new members every Sunday but either way, they're super awesome with such great attitudes, and ready to get to work.  So I want to share a little that inspired me during our conference by Elder Teixeira.  They all talked a lot about the spirit, "how can we understand the promptings of the spirit?"  Something that caught my attention was the question, "Como estan nuestros oraciones?" (How are our prayers?)  He said if we want the spirit it depends a lot on our obedience and your prayers.  If you want to teach with the spirit you got to pray more personally and with the people you teach, pray particularly for guidance and the help of the holy spirit.  As we do so, it will help us to have the blessing to be sensible to listen and hear the impressions of the spirit and after....valiantly DO the impressions.  I learned so much from this conference and had the opportunity to study this week a lot about the importance of the spirit in prayer and teaching and got to exercise it as well.  In Preach My Gospel, pg 95, Elder M. Russell Ballard, spoke of the power of the spirit, "the conversion comes though the power of the spirit,  When the spirit touches the heart, hearts are changed.  when individuals....feel the spirit working with them or when the see the evidence of the Lord's love and mercy in their lives, they are edified and strengthened spiritually and their faith in him increases.  These experiences with the spirit follow naturally when a person is willing to experiment upon the word.  This is how we come to know the gospel is true."  I've learned that the spirit takes a huge part in our own conversion and in the conversion of others.  We should pray to that others will be guided in that path and that same spirit will touch their hearts.  It's important to pray to have the spirit as a companion and that we can understand and know the impression of the spirit but to ACT upon them like Elder Teixeira said.  It is a blessing, a gift, a protection that God has given us.   Who wouldn't want that blessing?! In the scriptures in Alma 12:7

 Now when Alma had spoken these words, Zeezrom began to tremble more exceedingly, for he was convinced more and more of the power of God; and he was also convinced that Alma and Amulek had a knowledge of him, for he was convinced that they knew the thoughts and intents of his heart; for power was given unto them that they might know of these things according to the spirit of prophecy.

it talks about Alma being a powerful man with such a spirit of proficiency and revelation, was able to stand up and testify of the truth.  What would it be like to have such a testimony?  This week, I had the opportunity to exercise prayer more and especially as my companion being sick, I was able to pray for her and for our investigators whom we currently had to put aside for a day so my companion could get better.  Well, Brisa who has 11 years old, has been coming to church for 2 years now.  She was never baptized because her mom wouldn't give permission.  Well one day, my companion and I got to know her mom better and we began to pray not only for Brisa, but for her mom and yesterday at church, Brisa came running saying her mom has given permission.  Anything is possible with the Lord.  What a blessing it is to have the power of prayer given to us as we exercise it.  I have a huge testimony that prayer is important, it is a tool and it is a commandment.  it is our communication with our Savior, when we kneel before God, a new light is brought through us.  Our testimonies are stronger, we have a greater strength to conquer the challenged for temptations or Satan's power.  WE have been brought forth with the spirit of revelation to teach with the power of God.  A new knowledge and others around us will see that light and they too will be touched by it.  If you don't have a testimony of prayer, search for it, find it, and exercise it and strengthen it.  I know God answers prayers, my own prayers have been answered.  I have been blessed and strengthened.  I know and become a witness of it, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Homework:  Read Personal and prayer by President Henry b. Eyring

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