Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The World Cup ....Go Argentina!

I finally made it to Argentina!!! Running to and from Airports, getting stuck on buses, and losing my plane ticket, I still managed to make it to Bahia Blanca! I met my trainer, Hermana Peterson and she is a Boss! She's from Boston and her family is moving to Utah sometime soon. I love her so much, we get along so well and she has taught me so much already. I also live with two other Sister missionaries, Hermana Vinvent and Hermana Arenas, they are both crazy and both hard working sister missionaries. 

My area is this little city out in the middle of Nowhere, Argentina, called Pigue. The members here are amazing, they take good care of us! We had 60 people show up at church this past Sunday and we managed to pass up the record! They are thinking about adding on to the little chapel we have here in Pigue! Yeah! I have also grown such a great appreciation for the people here in Argentina, they are always smiling and laughing! 

Last Wednesday we had a Zone conference and our president's wife talked to us about our outside appearance and how we need to look like missionaries every day. We need to look like we are Gods children. She then shared a really neat story of some missionaries in our mission. She said, that two Elders had little money left at the end of the month and they were trying to find the cheapest pasta they could find. They asked a little lady and the lady told them where they could find it. As she watched them she started adding more and more food on the table and the Elder cried out no we don't have money for that and the lady said it's okay, I want to do this. I watch you two everyday pass by and you are both angles sent from God. 

The WORLD CUP! What a hoot. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in Argentina loves soccer. So during the world cup every store and every street is empty. Everything is closed down including the buses and taxis. But when the game ends everyone comes running out of their houses screaming the Argentina songs with painted faces and honking horns. It's a party until 3 in the morning. It has been a huge struggle trying to teach and knock on doors when everything is going nuts about the games. So this week was a little hard for me and my companion, first I got sick and lost my voice, I felt so bad for my companion, and as we were knocking on doors on Thursday and many people would try anything they could to hide in their house or they would peek through the window or look around the house to see who was at the door and ignore us. Many would say they weren't interested. As we kept the day going it started to rain, and I mean hard. We were soaked faster than 10 min from walking in it.  We had walked probably 6 miles that day and at every corner or street we would get a whiff of a stench that smelt so bad ha. At the moment we thought we couldn't handle it anymore three dogs started following us for many blocks and I think we ended up having ten dogs following and peeing on every branch and tree they could find. That night I said let's go up the hill we have never been. As we started to climb my companion said there's a dog! After being frustrated with dogs already. I quickly turn around and go back the other way and the dog starts to charge us and I whisper, don't run, don't run, don't run. My companion is still freaking out and I start to bolt! After running as fast as we could, we made it down the hill in peace and we stopped for a moment and just looked at each other and laughed. What a day we had! We then stood there and said a prayer. I will never forget that day. It may have been a really hard day, but I learned a lot. Because when you are diligently working for something the Lord asks of you,  you will be blessed for it. 

I love being a missionary! It's incredible how you never get tired of sharing your testimony or reading the same scriptures with people, and how desperate you feel for every person that you invite to church. I'm starting to internalize the truth that every soul is precious, and you really do desire every person you see to listen to you and have a desire to find out for themselves. When we're contacting on the streets I feel sad for every person that ignores us or you can tell is just being polite and is going to throw the card away, because I KNOW how great this news is, and they don't, and we might be their only chance to hear it. But then I remember that this is the Lord's work, and it is not His work that will be frustrated, but the work of man. This gospel is TRUE. Jesus Christ LIVES. We can live with our families FOREVER. Those words are so simple but so important, so share them with everyone. 

Quote of the DIa...... When you have the choice of sausage, sheep, and horse always pick sausage!

Homework; watch the Mormon message,  Mountains to Climb Mountains to Climb


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